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Brett Henderson 

Owner & Project Architect

Brett is passionate about designing solar energy projects to maximize their investment potential across as many bottom lines as possible, including: financial, social, environmental, and aesthetics.

Whether Brett works with one homeowner, a home owner's association of 600 homes, a multi-facility corporation, or a university campus, his first step is getting to know what makes each client, site, and bill structure unique. He then can architect a custom solution with an optimal payback.  

Brett's passion for investments began early in life, and he has learned a great deal about the art of balancing risk, reward, and ethical responsibility. After building and operating millions of dollars of solar projects over the past 7 years, Brett has been convinced of the technology's reliability. He's thrilled to have discovered this low-risk, high-reward investment opportunity, with a social and environmental impact he and customers can also feel good about. Brett looks forward to learning about your unique situation and using his creativity and expertise to maximize your solar potential.

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